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First Trimester Musings...

I’m not one to ever wish that the end of summer would come quickly but with nearly 24/7 morning sickness the August heat is not helping the nausea. I don’t usually start looking to fall until about mid September but this year I find myself in mid August looking forward to the cooling air and changing sunlight that is the long deep breath before the plunge into winter.

According to the calendar I should be coming out of the first trimester towards the beginning of September which, if this is anything like my pregnancy with my son 14 years ago, means that the nausea should start easing and my energy should be returning. I am so looking forward to feeling up to baking and cooking again especially as the seasons change. I’m looking forward to fall soups and stews and curling up with a book and hot cup of tea on a rainy fall afternoon. But even more so I’m looking forward to continuing to plan and prepare for baby’s arrival in the spring.

This Friday is my first ultrasound and I’m feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety. At my first ultrasound for my first pregnancy, 17 years ago, I went in with so much hope and expectation only to hear the words, “We can’t find a heartbeat.” I know full well there are no guarantees when it comes to pregnancy. My heart rests in the truth that God is fully in control and I can trust Him no matter what happens. But you can bet I pray for this baby many many times throughout the day and night. My sweet husband prays with me every night before bed and prays for the health and safety of this little one. He knows all to well the pain of losing a child as he lost a son at 18 weeks gestation…

Even with the knowledge that there are no guarantees I am praying against cynicism and resting in God’s mercy and grace and focusing on being thankful that I’m still feeling waves of nausea which means everything is well today. That’s my goal for right now, pray, be thankful and focus on today…while still looking forward to fall. 😉

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