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  • Annie Dahlin

Spring flowers…

Spring tends to be a big tease here in North Idaho. We may have one or two or even THREE "false" springs before spring finally decides to stick around a while. Thankfully it seems to have decided to stick around now even though it seems to be turning out to be a very mild spring.

I had been waiting for what felt like forever to be able to plant some flowers. Get too excited and plant too early during one of the "false" springs and you just may end up with an unexpected frost one night and you have to start all over again! Thankfully I waited long enough and we seem to be past any risk of frost until fall.

I chose Mother's Day weekend to purchase my flowers and a few more pots to add to the ones I already had. I usually grow a small vegetable garden as well but this year I am just sticking with flowers and some herbs on my back deck. I have this dream to make our back deck a little spot that's full of flowers and herbs in pots and planters of all different shapes and sizes, comfy places to sit, a place for friends to gather, a spot to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner outside all summer long and twinkle lights all around.

I picked three different colors of violas, two different petunias, two different colors of alyssums, lobelia, a little orange flower I can't remember the name of, rosemary and basil.

While I was planting the flowers my husband sent me a text saying he was stopping by the hardware store on his way home. I asked him to grab me a watering can if they had one thinking he would just grab a cheap plastic one. That would have been just fine with me. But he said when he walked in his eye was immediately drawn to a little yellow metal one and he knew that was the one for me. And he was right. I was pleasantly surprised with an actual watering can and it makes watering my flowers even more delightful and "romantic".

The day after I planted all the flowers we went to Costco and picked up a picnic table on sale we had spotted a couple days before during our monthly Costco run. We picked up an umbrella as well.

While there's still some more things I want to add I am very happy with how it is right now and that we finally have a place to sit and eat meals and have friends over out on the deck. (We were using camp chairs up until now...) Of course as spring and summer go on the flowers with grow and brim over the sides of the pots and I am really looking forward to that. Bring on the North Idaho summer!

Before...(Lucy kept me company while I was planting. She was just as happy as I was to be out in the fresh air and sunshine.)



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